About Us

Our Purpose

Legacy Investment Funds, LLC (“Legacy”) is an alternative investment management company, with a focus on real estate investments, raising private capital and transactional lending. Legacy is owned and operated by its managing members with professional backgrounds in finance, legal, accounting, real estate, and insurance vocations based in the Cincinnati MSA. Our ideal clients are individuals or institutions that would like to diversify their existing portfolios with alternative investments as their returns have a low correlation with those of standard asset classes.

Our Vision

Legacy aims to allow investors of varying levels of net worth, who, due to factors such as shortage of time, experience or expertise, investible capital, or inability to access unique opportunities to invest in sizeable real estate transactions alongside professional investment managers. Unlike large institutional funds that require high investment minimums, Legacy’s funds are organized to provide access to a professionally managed real estate investment vehicle for its members, without requiring them to invest the large sums normally associated with the class of investments Legacy makes. Legacy’s portfolio of funds have a manageable minimum investment threshold as our goal is to lower the barriers to alternative investment platforms by making them easier to access and understand for our first time, as well as seasoned, investors alike.

Our Philosophy

While investors may be able to achieve their financial goals with a portfolio of growth stocks or mutual funds, these investments will likely react in the same manner to any changes in the market. Alternative investments may provide diversification because they typically seek to have little or no correlation to traditional investments, and offer their own unique risk and return opportunities.

With Legacy individuals, retirement plans, endowment funds, and businesses can benefit from the substantial monetary returns associated with alternative investments without exposing all of their capital to a single time-bound investment. By investing your portfolio in a mix of traditional and alternative investments, you can potentially reduce overall portfolio risk and enhance total return. Moreover, our funds are significantly more accessible than traditional private equity or hedge funds because of our strategically planned minimum investment threshold.

Legacy also serves as a strategic partner to larger funds that have a collective group of investors that do not meet their minimum investment criteria. Legacy aggregates, on behalf of the larger fund, those investors and provides them the opportunity to participate in the investment. This presents an opportunity for larger funds to achieve inclusion goals for investors as Legacy is a minority [owned] business enterprise (MBE).

Our Funds

Legacy establishes a capital plan for each asset/fund, presenting strategies to optimize income and positioning each asset to maximize investor return at exit. By taking advantage of pricing and operating inefficiencies inherent in commercial real estate, Legacy creates value through leveraging experience, partnerships and expertise with a preference for local opportunities, which can make an impact on the community.

Legacy is consistently involved in and performing due diligence on new projects and fund development. Each of our funds is time sensitive and bounded in the number of investors it can accept. Interested parties are invited to request an appointment by clicking here or visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page to find out more about our current offerings.